Our Solutions

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is the way we train computers to simulate human actions. ML can be done through the following: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning. The more the data, the more the model can generate accurate predictions.

Big Data

A single user of a smart phone generates approximately 40 Exabytes of data every month form text, emails, videos, photos, music, phone calls and searches. Imagine how much data is generated by five billion smart phone users around the globe? This phenomenon is called Big Data. At Megatech AI we have an established methodology to manage Structured, Semi structured and Unstructured Data. We use the 5Vs to manage Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value.

Cyber Security

4,6 billion people are on the internet at any time and growing with NBU (Next Billion Users) at an estimate of 1 Billion users a year. This poses a security challenge. The advent of IoT has created an additional security risk as more devices are connected to the Internet. Computer systems, programmes and networks are increasingly vulnerable to Cyber attacks. Internet Users and Enterprises must ensure network, application security at all times. Cyber Security is incomplete without the End User, because of social engineering. End users must always protect their passwords and ensure the safety and security of their devices at all times.


The wealth of data and the maturation of analytics tools, has created a new way for us to use data to make informed decisions. With Big Data, we have reached a tipping point. Analytics is the use of data, statistical analysis, explanatory and predictive models to gain insights into complex issues. We start with a hypothesis, process the data and store it in the Data Lake to look for parttens

Application Development

The MegaTech AI Development Team is about the philosophy and approaches that have worked for us over the few years of delivering increasingly complex database driven applications. Our focus behind Development cycle is end-user satisfaction. Our key Key Software Development Lifecycle consist of 6 phase namely:

Phase 1: Requirements, Phase 2: Design, Phase 3: Development, Phase 4: Integration and Testing, Phase 5: Implementation and Deployment, Phase 6: Review


The Internet of Things is influencing the way we live. It is a giant network of connected devices. Sensor are embedded in all devices. These sensors emit data about the working status of the device, it provides a common language for all the devices to communicate. IoT is in smart appliances, homes and cities. It is redefining our lifestyle and transforming the way we interact with technology.